village school, Kuburi

about us

Whocare is a responsible travel organization that connects dreams of travelers to the authentic and real life experiences. Our ecotourism and community development activities are based in the dense forest of Kaeng Kracharn and Kuiburi forest in Phetchburi, only three hours south of Bangkok. Here is the place we can learn the sustainable coexistence between the local communities and the wild elephants. Simply silent observing wild elephants from where they are without any interference and learning what the communities has been doing to help the survival of both themselves and the elephants is rewarding and sustainable. Our team has been working with all related stakeholders; local communities, businesses and individuals to develop sustainable tourism model that enhances the local economy whilst minimizing negative environmental and socio-cultural impacts. Whocare is committed to developing the sustainable business model whose quality and services rest equally on our customer satisfaction, community happiness and environmental sustainability. Join our responsible mission!

Trekking & camping:

Central Thailand is the undisputed bation of this healhty pursuit in this region. Not only are the forests here full of wild assortment of birds, beasts, and orchids, they are also perfumed by sweet mountain breezes, and renewed refresh waterstreams. The mountains are also home to a number of exotic life and trees, where you can stay overnight amoung them, see a few slice of real raw.

Boat waterway:

You can ensure to encounter histolic riverside architecture and fabulous scenes of natural beauty that create unique cultural identities specific to allocation.


The faunas, Thai sea meet in this region and nutrient-rich food paticles from some of the world major rivers flow from the richest tropical rain foerst of Asia. These factors contribute to giving the sea water the greatest diversity of marins life in the world , I would like to take you deep into the underwater world of coral reefs and sea life.


One way o discover the wonders of Thailand is by cycling. You can enjoythe full range of attractions that the country offer, a distnctive culture, idyllic,coastlines, rolling hills, colorfull people and stunning view. Let's get in the saddle and close the peace, tranquility and beatiful region visit.


Closely related to stay with host families in rural areas. These homestay sprouted up at the moment, often involve learning about rice farming a fruit orchard. You also have a chance to see how real Thais lives, eat, pray, visit marketand interact with family and friends. This depth of cultural immersion is simply not possible in the more touristy parts of the country.


Explore the sights and experience local cultures and animal grassland set as you help make a positive and lasting difference in the lives of the communities you’re visiting. The best of both worlds, our Volunteer trips allow you the opportunity to give something back while providing a deeply personal and fully immersive, interactive adventure you’ll never forget.