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Please complete the Booking Form, accurately and in block letters. We can not confirm your booking or release any documents unless we recieve full name, sex, email and number.

we now require a deposit 50 % of rate to secure your booking. In the recent past, we have suffered innumerable losses due to last minute cancellations. We now require you to leave a small deposit to confirm your booking which will provide a sense of security to both parties. To make it easy and convenient for you, we accept your deposits through PayPal, bank transfer or Western Union. Details will be provided to you at the time of your booking. We would have liked to continue accepting your bookings based on your word. Unfortunately, we have realized that while we have always honored all reservations, many who made reservations with us did not do the same. This not only caused us monetary losses, but also loss of faith. We hope you cooperate with us and allow us to continue providing the exemplary services we are known for.

We recommend you thoroughly read through the web page for the trips you are most interested in what we do.

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